Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth day

That reminds me, I must do some washing later. Tumble dry it before ironing the lot on full blast. Who ever uses the lower settings? Damn, I still need to download the entire series of the Wire, run full backups of the two computers we have and archive the latest downloads and some work to DVD-R. I'll need to recharge my mobile phone, iPod and Tom Tom because one can't live without those essential lifestyle tools. There is a film on telly tonight that I'm going to record to watch directly after, I may want to keep it you see. Needless to say we'll be having microwaved popcorn with that. In any case I need not worry about that because I've programmed it in to the recorder this morning and everything will switch back to standby mode when it's done, the way it's supposed to. ... Earth day, hmm, now I'm in the mood for some herbal tea. Let me put the (electric) kettle on.


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