Tuesday, February 19, 2008

HD-DVD killed by the web

Toshiba's HD-DVD has thrown in the towel, or rather, kicked the bucket. As soon as Warner jumped off the bandwagon after seeing the Blu-Ray light HD-DVD found itself in a very tough spot.
Although some equate this with the Betamax-VHS war we have to remember that the Blu-Ray HD-DVD conflict was fought out in the open. Consumers could read in almost realtime that HD-DVD was doomed. No marketing strategy could combat this one. Toshiba may still look for some niche market to park HD-DVD, like BetaMax once did. But instead of being pushed out of the market slowly the web killed it, in an instant, stone dead. Instant news, instant opinion on such a massive scale is basically a bullet in the head.

It's evident that Sony's Play Station 3 played a large part in hogging a huge chunk of the retail movie market without actually being in the retail movie market primarily. Toshiba played nice with Microsoft but just that sent all the wrong signals. The XBox isn't exactly the killer consumer appliance it was hyped up to be. Nitendo's Wii waved it's magic wand and made all that go away.
Marketshare slipped through Toshiba's fingers. Everybody could see, there was no hiding, no spinning this one. Dead, game over for player two.

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