Monday, December 24, 2007

Streets of Melbourne

Melbourne I've been told has a more European feel to it when compared with Sydney. I'll be travelling up to Sydney this week and so I'll be able to judge for myself.
Melbourne on the whole doesn't feel very European to me. For one the sun feels just that little bit brighter than the sun I've experienced in and around the Mediterranean. I say this and I haven't yet felt the full force of the Aussie sun. Even though Melbourne is supposed to be suffering a drought at the moment it has been raining for a large part of my stay with temperatures well below 20 degree Celsius. Just like the summers of my youth... in Ireland.

But this Christmas eve the weather is starting looking up. The sun is back out to play, the wind has calmed down and the clouds are light and fluffy. That's more like it, X-mas in shorts.

Some parts of Melbourne are, I must admit, a bit like Europe. St Kilda being a prime example. Narrow streets where the trams are blocking the rest of the traffic. Sweet. Also some of the side streets in the city centre are pedestrian only and have this wonderful feel to them. They're perfect for hanging out drinking flat whites or a nice local chardonnay. Café culture looms large here. In Europe pubs seem to be more prominent, I kind of prefer the wider range of café's, wine bars, tearooms and bars found in Melbourne.
Personally I love Asian food and the choice here is overwhelming. I suspect that this kind of choice probably doesn't occur anywhere else in the world, with, I imagine, California coming a close second.


Blogger gifkicker said...
Hi Egor
it looks to be a terrific trip, including rain and floods.A bit apocalyptic. You have had your dinner , I suppose. We're not at that stage yet
give my regards to Hayley and her family
cheers...happy days

11:17 am


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