Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Internet Riot

On this blog I've refrained from posting too technical or political slanted articles. However, the current little ruckus on the Internet is a little bit funny. I'm not talking about the Viacom versus Google lawsuit, which isn't funny at all and is in fact very worrisome. No, I'm talking about the AASC encryption for HD-DVD disks that cost millions upon millions to create has been cracked with little effort a few months ago and now the 'key' to HD-DVD encryption has recently been posted online. The AASC is now pathetically trying to reverse the exposure by threatening with legal action those who posted the key to free HD videos. Some comply and others don't, won't or can't. Digg says it can't because their users are so almighty and thus their hands are tied or some other malarkey. Users, bloggers, forums and god knows what kind of Web 2.0 communities are posting the 'key' like crazy as to ensure their self entitled right to steal copy any HD-DVD release until they're blue(ray) in the face. No you can't says the AASC, yes we can say the masses. The genie is out of the bottle and there is no stopping it.
But you know what. We are still going to buy HD-DVD's (or Blue-Ray) disks to keep on our bookshelves or to give away as presents. All this screaming and shouting leads to nothing because we are forever condemned to consume. DRM sucks because it doesn't work, it never has and by the look of things it never will.


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