Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Hayley and I have just bought a very nice food processor. It's the bees-knees as they say down our way. However, you'll never catch me doing this with it! I know I'm not a total fanboy because I didn't spontaneously burst into tears. I did wince, that's normal right?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
that ipod could have seriously damaged the blender! I'd have winced. Would be a shame to loose a good blender.

4:04 pm

Blogger Casper said...
Right, that is only until she'll leave you all alone for a whole weekend.... and suddenly we can see street signs disapearing in Rotterdam.

7:04 pm

Blogger Michelle said...
That is the sickest, wrongest sh*t I've seen all day.

6:13 pm


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