Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I need to lose some weight

But where to start? I've heard of a great new way to shake off a few pounds. What do you think. Would this 'methode' be money wasted?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
the best way to loose weight is to eat less.

9:23 pm

Blogger Veenbeest said...
Just start by walking 30 in the town you live, took 20kg off from me in a year. To bad I now often are too busy to do the same.

10:32 am

Blogger Casper said...
Are you sure this is not just a cheap excuse to buy a Wii? Less food and beer/wine could also help (yes I'm being the devils advocate)

10:58 pm

Blogger Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...
You can also try my own way of doing it... ;-) Break your knee and get surgery!

12:59 pm

Blogger Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...
I am seriously considering buying one... But on the other hand, I might break my knee again.

7:25 pm

Blogger Michelle said...
Dude, I'm a little bit last millenium (and so not into gaming). I was shocked when a neighbor asked if I wanted to see his Wii.

However, I've just discovered DDR (and Guitar Hero), and I gotta have it.

10:44 am

Blogger Casper said...
You should probably have a look here: before you go out and buy one.

It looks like a Wii can cause a bit of problems in the living room:-)

12:24 am


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