Saturday, November 18, 2006


Or as the yanks say. "Potato chips." Come in so many flavours these days that it seems so unfair that Holland only seems to import just a handfull. Being a bit of a chocaholic I'd kill for a packet of Aztec Chocolate 'potato chip' crisps. Even if they're still only 'beta' crisps. Cabel Maxfield Sasser (yes that's his name) has his own take on the matter.

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Blogger Casper said...
Can I please ask for the old fashioned salted... No vinegar, no bacon, no nothing.... Please bring back the good old chips please...

11:44 pm

Blogger Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...
I have to admit I am a paprika chips amateur. The thick ones, especially. But of course, it is very bad for my health... :-(

2:30 pm


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