Wednesday, September 06, 2006

YouTube - ok go!

This video by OK Go has been banging around on You tube for a while. This is why I like You Tube. Naf fun stuff that anybody can see. I wonder how many 'takes' this took!?

MTV has become obsolete and You Tube is one of those sites driving the point home. They may have posted the video themselve for exactly the porpose they would want airtime on MTV. However, the problem is that it might be an illegal upload (it's not by the way) and there is no way of knowing. In any case the nutty dudes of OK Go have their own web site with their videos on it. Worth a vistit.


Blogger Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...
Great video. The walking belts idea is really cool. And I like the music too...

2:21 pm

Blogger 4indie said...
Ok Go was named mtvUs house band. They have videos, live performances, and interviews at this link:

5:06 pm


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