Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I've finally started to rebuild my website. The main decision was whether or not to keep my old content. I'll keep most of the articles that receive organic and direct hits. I've have well over a 300 hundred posts but only about two dozen get a lot of trafic.

The new site will be much more like a portal, a personal portal if you will.
The exiled site will also recieve a makeover, I the meantime I'm using Google Calendar for the events.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Personal portals for the win! I recently stepped away from the blog centered format. It just wasn't working for me. Can't wait to see your new design ;)

11:39 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Liked your post of 12th of July, 2004 that I wrote it down. "What no women!?" showed your personal views of modern media. You said, "I’ve worked in both print and web design worlds and I can’t stress enough what a loss it is to have so few women on the web side of things." And then, "One problem with webdesign is that it often isn’t seen as an important part of the whole because it’s often isolated from the technical process..." And also, "IT and Web orientated development should get it’s act together in my view. The loss is theirs if they keep such an institutional exclusion in place. Actually it’s more like institutional male inclusion. Tear it down I say." Hope I didn't misquote you.

9:09 pm


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