Friday, August 25, 2006

The Commodore wil never die

Yes! The FC64 - Flash C64 Emulator is yet another C64 emulator. As far as I know it is still the most sold personal computer in the world.

64k Ram... My lord, I need at least 2gb (2,097,152k) of ram these days!


Blogger Jean-Baptiste Perrin said...
Ha ha ! Well, I remember the frustration of loading a game or an application with tapes... It would take ages every time. I used to play a game called Commando at that time. Nothing to do with the current gae of course !

6:16 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...
My commodore was a stress machine lol...
Loading the games was a Nightmare!!!!!

I was conviced the thing was possessed especially when loading!!

my fave game was .......pirates
(Once it loaded)

never understood what was supposed to happen when we got ashore! or a place on the map
i just used to whizz about on the high seas...

Oh and I once wrote the song on the commodore 64 for "row row row the boat !!
took me about a month LOL!!!!

pinky! ( K )

1:07 am


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