Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup 2006

Pfft, it's only been two weeks of football (still can't say 'soccer') and I'm already done with it. Please, please, somebody talk about something else!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi, there!

I recently saw a design you created for the CSS Zen Garden site that I enjoyed; I do have one question, though (as an amateur designer). I noticed that you separated the CSS for IE, and then placed CSS for other browsers (e.g. Mozilla) underneath it. The most noticeable difference between the two, being that for IE, it would look something like:
but for Mozilla, it was written:
body[id=css-zen-garden] #container

My question is: will Mozilla ignore the CSS markup for IE (and vice versa) when using this method? Is it possible to have different markup for IE and Mozilla by separating the specific CSS for each in this manner?

If you could email me, I'd appreciate it. You've got some nice work! Keep it up!


8:41 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...
France won the match against Spain...! And now we go against Brazil. ;-) 1998 memories...

3:24 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Congrats logrus, looks like you guys arent out it yet.... ;-)

1:07 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...
And now it's over, depend on how one looks at it some are happy, and some are sad. I am happy, but even if I'm not a football fan, I'm sad that France did not win, and even more sad that Zidane's excelent international football careeer would have such and end.

8:50 pm


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