Wednesday, June 26, 2002 - Time for a new job
Now, you may be thinking. Whats special about this site? Well, for one, it works. All it's information is easy to access, it's not designed to look cool. But it's doesn't turn you off either. It is also an example of the departure from version 4 browsers, and is thus W3C compliant. This is the way sites should be built. Design could be better though.Type wise it could have better contrast etc. etc.
Simple use of layering and the combination of graphics, photography and typography is well done. The drag effect has been done to death but here it still feels fresh. I bet the work was done on a G3. ;)
Saturday, June 22, 2002
Now this is a site with a grasp for the inportance of typefaces for Screen use. Those pixels cause alot of problems for designers when it comes to typograhpy. The web in some areas can't do justice to typefaces. So, I must remember to tread gently through my suitcase.
Saturday, June 15, 2002
JPEG worm breaks new ground
Just another worm you my think. But this could put a dent into viral marketing, by making it impossible to use JPG. Concider this World Cup Football in Japan and Korea. Photgraphs of a lineup of argentinian players have been defaced by alterd to look like the boys were holding on to their handbags. This photo spread like a bushfire. Just one user needs to send it on with the viruscode. It's not serious now, but in the future we wont be able to stop it.