Friday, January 25, 2002
This is what we're now starting to see on the net. The flash navigation used is a variation on a elastic popup rollover effect. I wonder if it's dynamic, this should be the case. Why bother otherwise? It looks really cool, but how easy is it to find something? Seaching for information to use information should be easy and hassle free. The site seems to be a showcase for style not design. But after using the site for just about a minute I found the site easy to work with. The navigation design and style are the same thing. This in turn creates a strong identity. This site is all that is needed for a leading design company.
Tuesday, January 22, 2002
The Business of Strangers
Oops... I've now got to look for a new line of work. This is new and cool. Damn.
Fluid interactive
Dutch design. It's got it's own weird style going. Often I'm not sure if even the dutch like it. But this seems to work, even the background might make sit in a belltower and blast away with a AK-47. It at the very least lives up to it's name, "Fluid".
Thursday, January 10, 2002
Oh dear, this is in dutch. But many fans of the former blog site are happy to see that MR. Reet. Is kicking ass. But if he doesn't lookout someone is gonna kick in his door and arrest him. HAHAHA...
Wednesday, January 09, 2002
Isn't life just one big laugh... It just brings tears to my eyes. Another virus and thus another pain in the butt.