Wednesday, August 22, 2001
Creative Hands
This site is a bit on the small side. But it's still very beautifull. Simple and stylish. I love those aninmated hands. This give's the site a strong 3D feel. Navigation though the site is wel done. It's just a bit on the small side. 1024x768 is becoming a standard but the bandwidth that's needed to fill the larger screen is as of yet not in the mainstream yet. But this site could have been made for larger screen sizes. The inpact would have been much greater!
Friday, August 10, 2001
MTV - Pan European Trade Site
Okay, the 45 degree angle s*** is still there. But I'm telling ya, this site is da bomb. Or in plain english; 'This is a great looking site'. I love those flash icons and it's still MTV to boot.
My God. Ever see a site containing squares with ther corners cut off at a 45 degree angle? Yes? Wel feast your eyes on this. Time for something else I think.
Tuesday, August 07, 2001
This site has passed my review before. It has been updated with a new look. The initial load is very large, but at least the loading animation is cool to look at. The site it's self is very cool, and very well made. The use of photography works very well, I just love it. Just one thing I must comment on; I thought I'd seen the last of lens flares. Yes it works here but it's still a Photoshop filter trick, HEY I'm just nitpicking. And I still love the site.
Friday, August 03, 2001
[DERUSH� clothing] : wearable_graphics���������h
Superimposing flash graphics over photograph, well okay, it's not new. But you don't see it that often either. And here they made it the look and feel of the site. I like it. The only thing I see these day is the use of tiny letterfonts. Okay my screen is has it's resolution to high, but still. Some users couldn't see a red dubbledecker bus hurdeling towards them so the text on the screen would be a nightmare to read. But let us not stop them, just let these guys make a cool site. And that it is.